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How To Sell Your House Fast

Recently I had an experience that is a perfect example of how to get your home sold fast. This home at been on the market with another Realtor for 6 months.  The listing expired and the sellers listed with me and it sold in three days.  Now don't get me wrong, I am not a magician.  I just know how to sell your house fast.

There are three things that come into play.  My experience is that all three have to be in place in order to get a fast sale.  

The first one is price.  As always this is the trickiest. The point of this is that neither I nor the seller determine that number. See what buyers might be saying about your house right now. The buyer has all of the control of that number. Sometimes that can be very frustrating and seem unfair but nevertheless that is the way it is. 

An experienced Realtor who knows the area can take the current market sales and competition in the area and then determine what a fair price should be based on current statistics.  Even that isn't foolproof, however, because the market is constantly changing and if I am using comparables from even 3 months ago that isn't the same as today.

As a seller you must remember that the price today has absolutely nothing to do with what you paid for the house or how much money you have put into it. Some upgrades will increase value but usually not dollar for dollar.

In my above example, we reduced the price by 4%. The statistics showed that was a better price.  A 3 bedroom home for under $100,000.

The next thing is condition.  We have to remember that we are in a beauty contest.  Picture your house walking down the runway at the Miss America pageant.

Of course, there are a couple of things you can't change.  Location being one (but you bought it so someone else will, too) and the condition of your neighbor's houses. You can only control yours.

If you have deferred maintenance, such as the house needs to be painted, you can either have it painted or expect a lower price.  If you paint the house you are going to need to figure out the cost and measure it against the projected increase in value.  Since curb appeal plays a huge part in the sale of your house you always have to consider how many times potential buyers drove by the house and immediately decided against it because of the way it looked.

What you can do is, clean up the yard.  No yard ornaments unless that are perfectly placed and add a "warmth" to the entire look of the house.

If you have dogs make sure there are no "bombs" anywhere.  Nothing any worse than stepping in dog poo.  

Most people enjoy a back yard.  Make sure it is cleaned up and mowed. A few well placed items will add the homey look.

Updates inside the house also plays a huge part in the sale.  However, not as large as you may think sometimes.  Our above example did not have updates.  But it still won the beauty contest.

The third thing is marketing.  In my opinion, this

 element is the number #1 determination to sell your house fast.  

Think of it like this.  You have a well priced house and it would come in at least #3 in the Miss America pageant, but NO ONE knows it is for sale.  How is that going to work out for y

Many Realtors rely on the the 3 P's of real estate. Put it in the MLS, Put a sign in the yard, and Pray someone else sells it.  Good luck with that.  
The first thing I consider is the "launch".  This is critical because this is the first impression.  I refuse to  put it in the MLS until it is ready.  First, the pictures.  I higher a photographer to go take pictures. I finally figured out that my I-phone pictures weren't working out.  There is also a strategy to the order and placement of the photos.  A quick little I-Phone Facebook teaser might be fine.

I also write blogs, press releases, use every social media outlet known to man, use 7 different classified sites including Craigslist, use Keller Williams internal marketing MLS, and I am a registered as a Global Property Specialist (International Property 
Search)all of  these items (and more) happen over the first 72 hours.  It is a blast and then a "drip".  Every Tuesday there is a new blast and them a "drip". In the case of my example above, I didn't get a chance to finish my marketing campaign. a solid marketing plan in place especially for the "launch" you lose that valuable first impression.
 In the case above I want to tell you what the agent that brought the buyer told me.  She said that her buyer had a house picked out and was ready to make an offer when she remembered that "a cute new listing just came on the market" and that he should see it.  He did and bought the house. Remember the house had been on the market for SIX months.  

This is how to sell your house fast. Price it right. Win a beauty contest. And

 choose me as your Realtor to market your house to the world!  I also like to add a little crazy humor.  Selling your house fast should be fun!   

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