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When I Sell My House How Much Time Do I Have To Move Out?


"So OK.  If we close on the 25th, how soon after that do we have to be out?" 

This is an expectation that should be set up early. It gives your seller something else to stress about."Really?  Ok.  Well, if we have to be out on the 25th, we will need to close on our new house a week early."

If you need the money from the sale of your existing house to buy a new house, that won't work.  I probably should have set that expectation earlier. 

"Well........then how do we do it?"

Saying that you have to live in your car a few days is probably not the answer they are looking for.
So how does this whole simultaneous close, move-out---move-in, thing work?

There are an endless number of answers to this question.  And most of them involve stress.  Let's look at a few things that could affect what happens.  If I set the expectation on all of these things, no one would ever want to sell/buy at the same time.

1.    Load everything up on a moving truck on the 24th and stay with relatives or in a hotel that night.

2.    Rent a POD or a storage building and put everything in it except what will fit in your car.  

3.    Have every family member with a pick-up truck show up at your house at midnight and load everything up then drive to your new house and wait beside the road.

4.    My personal favorite--get into a stand-off with the buyer. in/move out on the same day can be very stressful but I have seen it done many times.  The more common thing to happen is that the seller has already moved and would be willing to do a 1-2 pre-lease to let the buyer move their things in prior to closing.

Another way this can be handled is the buyer gives their seller a lease to stay 1-2 additional days to move out.  That one is not one of my favorites.  I want my buyers to do the walk-through after the sellers have totally moved out.

There is always the debacle of funding and keys that add more fun. I will set that expectation right now.

You go to the title company and you sit down and sign the deed and all those other papers in expectation of being able to have that big fat check put in your hand.  Sorry.  Doesn't usually work that way.  

What happens is that the buyer also has to sign all of their papers (and in Amarillo they do it at separate times for some odd reason) and then some of those papers need to be sent to the lender to OK.  Then the money shows up at the title company and you can come back to the title company to pick up your check.

By the way
, the buyers are disappointed, too.  They wanted the keys right then. You don't get your money and they don't get the keys until it is "funded".

This is just one more thing to stress about, especially if you had an appointment at another title company to go sign papers on your new house and you have no money to bring.

How much time do you have to move out?  That is a very good question.  

List with me, and I will set up all of those expectations and relieve all of your stress.  Well, maybe not all but I can take care of many of the things for you.

Oh.  And don't forget to switch the utilities over.



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