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Selling Your House And Buying Another House Is Known As Hurry Up And Wait 

We are expecting an offer on my client's house.  We may even have it today.   It is pretty normal to have a 30 day close.  

In their price rangethe average days on the market is 86.  Of course, that is an average which means that it could sell the first day or be a 6 months. When we listed their house that was a consideration as to when we might want to dip our toe in the water and start looking.  

The challenge with that is, what if you find the perfect house and can't by it!  It is possible to put a contingency contract on the new house but that can get stressful and what if yours doesn't sell for 6 months.  I recommend to wait before we do any hard-core looking.

There is a challenge with that, too.  What if we get a contract today and it has a 30 day close. That means that we need to find a house and close in the same 30 day period.  This is the hurry up part.  It can be stressful to feel as though you have to find a house in one day.

This is what I recommend.  Once your house is on the market, start determining what area you want to be in.  We can determine general prices in the area to be sure that you can qualify.  

What type of house do you want?  Brick?  Historic? How many bedrooms and bathrooms do you want?  Garage?  Detached or attached?  Fireplace?

These are all questions to be asked and answered.  

These are things you can do during the "wait" period.  Then when the "hurry up" comes along the process has been streamlined.  We know exactly what area to look in and you have a detailed description of what you are looking for. That way we can quickly eliminate any houses that don't meet your minimum requirements.

We should know later today.  I'll let you know how it goes.

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